Writing Your Dissertation One Step at a Time

Many students feel overwhelmed when faced with their masters dissertation. It could be that for the past few years you’ve been anticipating your dissertation with some excitement but now that it’s an actual reality, you feel anxious and out of your depth. This is all so normal that you can take a deep breath right now and accept that you’re not the only one to feel this way.



Preparing to take your first step

Your first step towards your masters dissertation is writing your proposal. This is an incredibly important step because it is essentially your opportunity to offer the best ideas you possibly can for your masters dissertation. Your dissertation will represent your first important piece of research so the area you decide to look at is vital.

How to choose your dissertation topic

Your dissertation is the culmination of years of work and so must reflect your interests and knowledge base in the best possible way. You need to select a topic which fascinates you or your passion will not be discernable within your dissertation.

Looking at an Oxbridge Essays masters dissertation proposal example can be of great assistance during this important phase of your work. You will be able to see where others have succeeded and where they have failed. You can ask yourself the questions, what makes a great dissertation and what makes one forgettable?

Taking it one step at a time

So you’ve chosen your topic and it’s time to get started. Your research and reading should be well organised and during the writing of your proposal you should have learned and taken enough notes to know exactly where you’re going next.

Don’t be afraid to seek the support of you mentor at this point; there’s no shame in needing support in these early stages and it is far better to start off on the right foot than it is to get off to a crooked beginning only to find that you need to go back and repeat things.

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