Wine Industry in Washington


Washington ranks as the second in the United States wine production and also ranked among the world’s top wine regions. As the time goes by, the city’s wine production continue to flourish.

The reason for the city’s success is mainly because of its ideal geography and conditions that is comparable to the great wine regions of the world like Bordeaux and Burgundy that’s why Washington is able to cultivate grapes that are at par in taste and quality.

During these past ten years, the wineries in the state has increased four-folds already bringing in approximately two million extra tourists every year to wine producing regions. Wine Tour has become a trend across the world that also includes the capital city of United States which is the Washington. The area has a large selection of wineries to choose from. Taking a tour to the Washington Wine circuit will be a really great idea.

First stop would be the Chateau Ste. Michelle. It is the Washington’s fame when wineries are involved. It is one of the Washington’s largest wineries. If you are looking at something that is a type of traditional winery then the Chateau Ste. Michelle is a good choice. Since 1934, it started its operation and continues to grow. The Chateau is open for tours from 10am until 5pm daily. The winery usually operates every half an hour.

Second winery destination is the Red Hook Brewery however this one might not qualify as a winery if strict follow ups of rules are conducted. But due to the love of inhabitants to the wine they produced, this is somehow overlooked. The place is also open to tours and serves their own complimentary beer glass souvenir and plenty of free beer samples to be given out to some visitors and tourists; the Red Hook is also home to Forecaster’s Pub where you can get top notch pub grub too.

The third end is the Columbia Winery. It is located only meters away from the Chateau Ste. Michelle. Colombia Winery is known for its biggest wine tasting bar and wine selection in all of Washington’s wineries. The landscape design of their area is absolutely impressive that could leave you the best impression.

The last one is the eastern Washington wineries that are known for their award-winning grapes. Every year, these wineries of the East receive awards for the marvelous taste of their wines. Bookwalter Wineries and Chinook are some of the East wineries that gained their fame through their award-winning products. If you would like to have a tour in the place, both wineries offer free tastings and tours of their estates.

Wine Industry generates more than $3 billion to the Washington’s state economy and it employs more than 14,000 people directly and indirectly. Wine grapes are among the highest tax generators of any agricultural crops in terms of tax revenues accrued to the state and federal government. Furthermore, Washington wine tourism attracts nearly two million visitors annually, contributing to the positive growth of local and regional economies. Wine Industry in Washington is not only good to the development of tourism but also to the economy of the state.

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