Why a California Marijuana Delivery Service Will not (yet?) Be Done by Drone

Reefer Madness, a cult movie from 1936, talked about two teenagers who were lured into drugs through marijuana. We now know that smoking pot is in no way indicative of a desire to be with Satan. However, back then, marijuana was source of evil and completely blasphemous and people genuinely believed that men and women are led astray by it. Thankfully, by now, we know that marijuana is nothing of the sorts and that it has significant medical purposes as well as recreational ones. As a result, many states now even allow a marijuana delivery service.

In the state of California, there is a lot of tolerance towards marijuana. In fact, medical marijuana was legalised in 1996 when Proposition 215 passed. Then, on November 8th, 2016, Proposition 64, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, was passed, which means adults over 21 are allowed to recreationally possess and use marijuana as well.In fact, in January 2018, it became legal to purchase recreational marijuana from certain retail stores. It is believed that this trait will contribute at least $7 billion to the California economy, making it one of its primary movers. However, marijuana is still a drug, which means there will remain some limitations as well.

What Isn’t Allowed in a California Marijuana Delivery Service

Instead of listing all the things that are allowed, it is perhaps easier to list the things that are not allowed. Those are:

  1. That marijuana is not allowed near any schools. The distance of schools and youth centric facilities must be at least 600 feet, as it is known that adolescents who start using marijuana are more likely to develop mental health disorders.

  2. That the amount of thc has to be controlled period no more than 10 mg of thc can be found in edibles and no more than 100 mg can be found in the entire package. Additionally, marijuana merchants may not mix it with nicotine, alcohol, seafood, or caffeine, nor are they allowed to market it in the shape of an insect, fruit, animal, or human.

  3. That there are significant advertising restrictions. Specifically, it is not allowed to advertise marijuana towards adolescents and teens. For instance, stores are not allowed to use the words candy nor are they allowed to use cartoons and other unfair practices to influence the younger population.

  4. That a marijuana delivery service may never go to a public address. As a result, unmanned vehicles, drones, water crafts, aircrafts, and so on cannot deliver marijuana. Human operated vehicles cannot deliver to a public place, which includes parts or moles.

  5. That festivals require a special licence if they want to allow cannabis to be used there. These licences are issued on a temporary basis and only to those who already have a local permit.

The state of California is very forward thinking when it comes to their marijuana use. They also understand that cannabis addiction is real and have put measures in place to help those who fall victim of it. Simply put, the state has determined that banning a substance is not a deterrent for people using it.

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