Where to Find a Good Search Engine Optimization Firm

The purpose of a search engine optimization firm is to get you the most hits based on search engine optimization. The purpose of a search engine initially began as a way to locate a website based on your search so that you could be immediately directed to one of a few sites that may be able to help you in your search. The website itself will build an index from this of which sites seem to be the most useful based upon that search. These two functions are called crawling and indexing. The links between these search engines bind all of the pages together a bit like a book or a directory. Crawlers or spiders work between them to connect the relevant pages.

The network is going to be immense when you consider that billions of pages are held and that you want an answer to your search within a fraction of a second. The engines will locate the pages and decipher their code and they will then store them in massive databases in the expectation of them being recalled, at a later date, as an answer to a search query. Datacenters are located all over the world to store the massive number of pages of data. When you press enter to start your search the search engines will scan through these billions of documents with two aims in mind, to return relevant

or useful information to you and it also ranks the results according to their popularity. So if you click on a certain site this will help increase its popularity.

So the next question you will inevitably ask is how do search engines determine this relevance and popularity. It is not just a case of matching up keywords, as it was in the past. The first assumption that is now made is that the more popular a site is the more relevant and valuable the information was to the search made. Mathematical equations are used to calculate this, these are called algorithms. These algorithms will include lots of different variables. They are hard to crack but those who are involved in search engine optimization, have a few rules to follow, that they find useful. Create your pages with users, not search engines in mind. Do not try and fool the search engine, this is called cloaking and is not a remedy for success.

Each search engine has a guideline and key to how it can be used successfully. For google make sure your site has a clear hierarchy and text links, every page should be reachable from at least one static link. Write pages where the titles clearly describe the articles content. Use keywords that will create descriptive URLs that will be user friendly.

To get a better ranking in Bing search engines they recommend a clean rich keyword and URL. Do not hide your content in media such as java script or Ajax. Do not put your text inside images, for example to highlight a company logo or company address or contact details.

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