What to do if Your Cosmetic Surgery is Not What You Expected

Because you wanted to look your best and perhaps increase your effectiveness in the workplace you elected to undergo cosmetic surgery just like many people here in the UK have been doing in increasing numbers. If your surgery went terribly wrong and you didn’t get the results that you were promised, you can suffer financial, emotional, and physical damage that entitles you to compensation that can help alleviate your suffering. When you are experiencing stress caused by a negligent surgeon who did not perform the surgery as was indicated that they would, it’s time to seek the counsel of a team of solicitors that can help you obtain compensation for the pain, suffering, and embarrassment that you now feel. Let’s review some measures that you can take if your surgery did not turn out as you expected it would.

  • The first step that you must take is to get control of your feelings; calm down and take some solid steps to remedy your situation. Once you have control of your emotions, begin to record some of the details of your pre-surgery meetings, what the surgeon promised, and the timeframe in which they committed to work. Include the charges of all appointments, the surgery itself, and any follow-up appointments that you had to have. It’s always important to keep medical records, so file any forms that they or their staff provided you in a folder that is specific for your cosmetic surgery claim.

  • It’s also important to inform the surgeon about your displeasure with the results you received and ask what their intentions are to rectify the situation that you now find yourself in. Be sure to get everything in writing so that you can share this information with your solicitor once you begin proceedings to receive your compensation.

  • Expert advice at http://shireslaw.com/types-of-claims/cosmetic-beauty-claims suggests keeping a journal of your pain levels, the expenses that you have to incur to treat, improve, or fix the problem and other pertinent details. If you have to pay another professional to repair the damage that was done, you want to include this total in your claim so that you can easily pay for the additional work. Should you require therapeutic counselling so that you can continue your quality of life with the confidence that you once had you’ll want to add these fees to your total claim amount as well.

  • Finally, you should find a solicitor that is trained to help you with your submission for compensation for cosmetic surgery gone wrong. It will be advantageous if they have experience in this area of law, can accurately submit your claim in a timely fashion, and work on a no win-no fee basis.

Taking control of your life again will be easy if you calm down, use a methodical approach, and hire a compensation professional to help you with filing and receiving the compensation that you need and deserve.

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