What Are Artillery Shell Fireworks and Other Important Questions?

When people look for artillery shell fireworks, they often have a lot of questions. They want to know exactly what they are, how they perform, and how to use them safely. Let’s try to answer some of those questions.

What Are Artillery Shell Fireworks?

Typically, an artillery shell fireworks is a canister or ball shaped firework that contains a specific pyrotechnic composition, impacting the colour and effects. At the bottom, a lift charge is fitted, which is what sends the shell up into the air, and a long fuse is attached to this. In order to place the shell, tube is also attached to the fireworks. This tube can be made from a range of different materials such as fiberglass or cardboard although the highest quality ones have a HDPE tube with a reinforced ring.

How Do They Perform?

An artillery shell can come with lots of different brakes and effects. Depending on what affects someone wants, they are available in a range of different shells. For consumer fireworks, the biggest is a 60g canister but smaller ones also exist and they come with a range of vibrant colours and unique effects. Many smaller artillery shells are highly affordable yet still create a beautiful spray of colour into the night sky.

Artillery Shell Fireworks Jargon

This type of fireworks is usually called artillery shells but in different parts of the country they may also have other names, which can cause some confusion. Other names for these types of fireworks include onion balls, reloadable shells, ball shelves, canisters, festival balls, and mortar shells. All of them refer to a type of firework that goes into a tube and is then fired with a single shot.

Are They Safe?

All fireworks have an element of danger to them and you must respect this and only use fireworks according to the safety rules. For artillery shells, you should:

  1. Always wear proper safety glasses.

  2. Never consume alcohol.

  3. Always ensure the fireworks is placed on a level, hard surface and that all sides are braced.

  4. Never cover the fireworks with any part of your body.

  5. Always read the instructions and follow them.

As you can see, there is quite a lot to know about artillery shell fireworks. They are a popular type of firework because they come in so many different power levels and with so many different effects. Indeed, some merchants now even allow people to customize the effect their artillery shell provides them with. You do, however, have to make sure that your state, county, and local area allows you to purchase and fire these types of fireworks. In many cases, you will have to apply for a license.

Fireworks are incredibly dangerous and you must respect that. While it may seem like unnecessary bureaucracy to have to apply for a license, the reality is that this is done for safety reasons, being both your safety and that of other people in your local area. So long as you can respect the power of fireworks and treat them with the caution they deserve, then artillery shells will create the most awesome display.

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