Wayne Imber: How Psychology Students Can Be Best Prepared to Excel in College

Going to University can be quite overwhelming for the average student. It is a totally different environment than high school, perhaps the student is away at school and living on a college campus or local housing, and of course there’s no one looking over your shoulder to make sure that you maintain a high degree of Engagement in your classes. For these reasons the student needs to do all he or she can to ensure that they do well in school. Students can take precautions and adopt behaviors that will help them get to the top of the classes. Here are a few of the things that any student can do to be successful in University.

Be Prepared Going into College

Most students go to university with an idea of the major they want to study. If they do not have a specific idea, they certainly have a general idea about the field of study they would like to undertake. With this knowledge in hand, students should do preliminary work before the school year begins.

This entails getting a look at the books that you will work with in your classes, understanding the college professors that you will engage with as you pursue your major, and doing everything that you can in terms of course work to get a handle on the subjects and assignments that will be given during the class. Psychology classes will have a lot of reading and many papers will need to be written on different subject matters in the field. By getting an understanding of all of this in advance, the student can be best prepared to take on the work.

Study Throughout the Year

Universities have two semesters that starred in the spring and fall. There is a large winter break, and an even larger summer break where students do not attend classes. Typically students use this time walk away from University to relax, spend time with family, and even go on Long vacations where they don’t think about school work. What happens when they come back to school is there is a period of time needed to get them back into the school flow.

This can sometimes meeting at the first few weeks or even a month of the semester is very inefficient. Since all time spent at University is valuable expensive, students should never get too far away from their classes. Students can for the following semester before they leave for break and study the material while they’re on break. They can also if possible, take classes during this period to move them along in their studies. The result will be a better understanding of the subjects and an ability to participate more in classes which will lead to better grades.

Create a Good Relationship with Your Professors

Dr. Professor is the likely technical title for your college professors because the vast majority of them will have doctor degrees. Those who look to do well in their psychology classes should create a good relationship with all of their professors. Take some time to introduce yourself to your college professors and let them know some background information about you. Also do some research about them so you can make conversation about their past accomplishments.

Finally, discuss what you expect to get out of the class and how they can help you achieve that. Students that take this approach immediately make a great impression upon the professor. The more information you know about the class you’re taking, and the more you participate during class, the more great professors like Wayne Imber will understand your dedication to being successful in that class.

This is particularly important for psychology students, because the careers in Psychology are directly related understanding interactions between humans. So technically by communicating with the professor and doing it often, you are demonstrating that you are the right person for your major.

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