Vocational Training – Its types

Excellent Essay Writing ServiceVocational training has become highly popular recently. It is directed towards teaching job skills to the students. Here, more emphasis is given upon practical training than just classroom instruction. Here are few types of vocational training prevalent. Take a look.

  • Trade schools are one of the most popular categories of vocational training. It trains individuals who want to work as car mechanics, carpenters or electricians. These schools have a 2-3 year course that is mainly practical training along with classroom instruction. Once the course is completed, students go for an apprenticeship program under any renowned company. Once the number of working hours is completed, students get the journeyman certification. This certification makes them licensed to practice in their profession.

  • Beauty schools are those that offer training on fashion and cosmetics. These schools are much similar to trade schools. Most of the beauty schools are affiliated with renowned trade schools. Duration of courses here is generally 2-3 years.

In beauty schools, it is not compulsory for the students to opt for apprenticeship. Popular courses under beauty schools are – cosmetology, interior home decor and so on.

  • Office administrations schools train students to make their career as office clerks, legal professionals, administrative officials or dental assistants. These courses have duration of 1-2 years. One of the best aspects about office administration schools are the online facility. Yes, you read it right; you can study these courses online. Many students opt for online correspondence of these courses.

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  • Do you know few professions demand for compulsory postsecondary training? As a result, many colleges provide postsecondary training. This training is given in affiliation with the main employer.

For instance, in many police departments, new police officers are sent for police academy training. They take this training along with course work. Again, this course work is given in any local college.

Note: Police officers do not get any degree on the completion of this training. It is considered as additional job training with no degree.

  • Continuing education is widely popular among the people today. This is because of the facility and opportunity it has given to the working professionals. Do you know that many employers pay for their employees to study further? These are advanced training that helps an individual to advance in his/her career.

For instance, if you work in international banks, then you will have to learn foreign languages before you can shift to a foreign office.

You can find such advanced learning in many professions like – nongovernmental organizations and police departments. Some government agencies also demand for such vocational training.

If you are planning to take up any professional course, apart from the syllabus, you will also be taught certain vocational skills. These skills will help you to work efficiently. Some of these skills are:

  1. Time management- it will help you do your work in time. It will also teach how to manage your own work along with constant monitoring of your juniors.

  2. Computer training – It is must for every profession. You can easily advance in your career with full knowledge of the computers.

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