Tulum: Destination For The Body And The Soul


Tulum is a treasure of nature and rich history in the Mexican Caribbean. Located around 75 miles south-west of Cancun’s airport in Riviera Maya, this destination is truly a Caribbean delight. The sight of soft- powdered sandy beaches, swaying palms beside a jewel-blue sea is nothing short of a breathtaking sight. The spectacular cove and the iguanas roaming like free souls can make one fall in love with this place.


While in Tulum be sure to experience stay in a luxury beach cabana hotel which are near the ruins and the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve.  They are inexpensive and eco-friendly place to stay. Enjoy the romantic evening under the beautiful sky or dinner under the stars, anyway it is experience of a lifetime. Visit the local market for the freshest local fruits and snacks. Apart from that various restaurants of the region have a good repute in serving fantastic dishes be it any meal of the day. One can visit the Don Cafeto for breakfast. Indulge in Mayan breakfasts with chaya omelettes. Sip in fruit smoothies, powerful caffe Americano and huge fruit plates for a hearty breakfast. Tulum-10-e1330054585480


For street side treat Zamas is the place. Here sublime fish tacos are served right on the beach accompanied by Coco Loco which is three hard liquors served in a coconut. For a fine dining experience nothing can beat Ocho Tulum. With its amazing ceviche, quesadillas and guacamole, the ambience and great service does wonders. The lounge music, a big palapa roof, and dark-wood french doors leading out to an ocean terrace are certainly mood lifters.


After food we come down to some physical adventure and nothing can get better than snorkelling. Explore the mystical Dos Ojos Cenote but with a guide and flashlights. It is believed that the water here has healing properties. Snorkelling here is truly a spiritual experience.


The Turtle Bay in Akumal is another fabulous spot for catching glimpse of wonderful turtles and fishes. One should remember to keep their life vest on as the water can get rough sometimes. It is advisable to be there early as it is a popular spot and can get crowded at the later part of the day.


Yal-Ku Lagoon is a calm and protected area with no waves. It is indeed a paradise for fish-viewing as there is no dearth of varieties. Watch your step on the stairs as they can get slippery.  It is important to remember that the water on top is cold while water on the bottom is warm.


With so many varied options Tulum is indeed the place to enjoy to one’s heart content.



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