Toys that Teach

Playtime for children is actually the first place when they begin to make logical, social and physical connections with the world around them. The process of placing a square block into a square opening might seem simple, but this process teaches young children elementary lessons that will continue to develop throughout their lives.

But toy-makers have progressed far beyond square blocks. Now, toys can help very young children develop technological savvy and other skill sets integral for smart, creative, happy children. Here’s a list of great companies that consistently produce toys that help children learn, no matter what age.

Fisher Price

From their Learning Clock in the ‘60s, to the now wide range of toys designed for children of all ages, Fisher Price has consistently matched their toys with child-development. Fisher Price’s website allows you to choose an age—from 1 month to 5+ years—and it then suggests toys and activities that might help your child learn. This shows an active consciousness on Fisher Price’s part to pair learning with playing.


Introducing the first tablet for toddlers—the LeapPad—LeapFrog does a fantastic job of encouraging children to read interactively. The many apps available for this tablet include instructional material for math, geography, art and other subjects, which encourage children to learn through the use of technology. The camera that comes equipped on this tablet also provides children with countless hours of entertainment.


Does your baby or toddler have a chewing fascination? The toys offered by Lamaze are chew-friendly and can help children of a very young age begin learning through the use of toys.


Not only do children love the LEGO brand, these building blocks and plastic characters are a great way to teach children to practice skills like planning, organizing and building. Whether following the instructions to construct airplanes, castles and spaceships, or constructing something completely original, these toys foster creativity and imagination in children.

Check out some of the incredible creations children and adults manage with LEGOS.


The bamboo-made racecars created by Hape are great toys that come with a positive message. Eco-friendly and built to last, you can begin to teach your child the importance of impacting the world positively with what they choose to buy when you give them a toy from Hape’s bamboo collection.

These toy companies have great credibility when it comes to pairing playing and learning. Keep up-to-date with new toy releases so your child can enjoy the latest in the many fun, creative, learning-friendly options available.

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