The Five best Theatres in London

TheatreLondon is one of the best places for the Theatre in the world. There are a large number of theatre in the world, but among them, only some cities are well known for theatre. Among them, let us see the best theatre now in detail. Theatre news gives you the details about such theatre available in London.

1) Wicked: This is one of the best theatre in London and there are many familiar characters which have made this theatre famous all over the world. A lively lady with green skin, namely clever, is the best known character in this theatre. The music is at the best quality in this theatre and the architecture of this theatre has been one of the best in the world. The US High School Comedy is the best entertainment that one can have in this theatre. There are different types of stuff for both young and old children. The young children like comic like features whereas the older kids like romance.

2) The Phantom of the Opera: This theatre has been there for several years, since 1984 and its name and fame has not been decreased even a bit. This opera tells us about the tragic love story between one of the most beautiful singers in the place and another starred composer. This majestic theatre has a beautiful auditorium named Victoria auditorium which has the capacity to accommodate thousands of people at once.

3) Mamma Mia: This is yet another famous theatre in London. Romance and wedding events are the best known events which take place in this theatre. Among the best known songs of ABBA, 22 were composed in this theatre only. Plenty of audience participates in this theatre every night in various activities that take place every year. The beautiful Novello theatre has been standing there for eight long years as the best theatre in London.

4) Edward theatre : There is another theatre namely prince Edward theatre and the famous musical namely the ‘jersey boys’ has been attracting people from each and every corner of England. This is the story of four famous boys who were wearing white shirts and blue pants. The impact of this movie on both UK as well as USA people has been outstanding. It is not possible to ignore this event and since its starting, it has been running wonderfully, attracting people from and wide corners of the country.

5) Lyceum theatre : There is another important theatre namely Lyceum theatre in which the famous musical ‘The Lion King’ has been running for many years. The most important feature of this world famous story is the battle fought by a brave lion named Simba against his evil uncle who had killed his parents in the wicked manner. He was brought up by some pig and mongoose and later captures back his kingdom, killing his wicked uncle.

So in the land of theatre, we can find hundreds of theatre and among them, only a few are mentioned here. The name and fame of the theatre depend on the events and shows which are performed here and these are the top five theatre according to the ratings of theatre news.


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