The Best Way To Deal With Personal Injury Claims


Ted Eytan

It is impossible to predict when you might suffer an injury at the hands of a private company or individual. For that reason, you must learn the best ways of dealing with the claim process ahead of time. Failing to make the right moves directly after your accident could hinder your chances of being successful in court. So long as you follow the step-by-step guide on this page, you should have all the evidence needed to receive substantial compensation. Unfortunately, personal injury claims can take a long time to go through. So, don’t expect to see any money for quite a while.

Writing an official accident report

Immediately after your injury occurs, it is vital that you write a full accident report and have it signed by the business owner concerned. Both of you should take copies of the report and submit them to your legal teams. Without a recorded account of the events that led to your trip or fall, you will struggle to convince a judge that you are entitled to compensation. You should aim to include the conditions that resulted in your accident, how the event occurred and details of anything that happened after.

Take photographs of your injuries

Presuming you have external injuries, it is always wise to take lots of photographs. They can be used as evidence to support your claim. People with have a hard time arguing with the fact that you got hurt if you provide them with photographic proof. Make sure you do that as soon as possible. The human body tends to heal very quickly, and so you don’t want to wait too long. Capturing a full set of images over the course of a week should suffice.

Contact professional injury claim lawyers

Many legal professionals start out in the personal injury claim industry as a means of building their reputation. So, there are a lot of different specialist companies to choose from. RussellWorthsolicitors no win no fee claims service is an example of a once that is second to none. If you can find a similar firm capable of handling your claim, you should get in touch with them as soon as possible. Having an expert team of lawyers dealing with your claim should mean you can sit back and wait for your compensation. After you’ve filled in a few forms and given them the details of your accident, they can handle the entire process on your behalf.

Turn your first offer down

Most companies and individuals will do their best to keep personal injury claims out of the courts. That means you should receive settlement offers as soon as you provide enough evidence. It’s always a good idea to turn down the first figure you’re given and stick to your guns. Lawyers know you’re going to do that, and so they will offer a reduced amount first time around. Accepting the second figure is the standard within the industry. Unless it is much lower than the amount you expect, it’s always sensible to seal the deal at this point.

Good luck dealing with any personal injury claims that might come your way in the future. Remember, if someone else is to blame, you are always entitled to compensation.

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