Ryan Jacobs CAE discusses the clean air campaign and how it can benefit your fitness levels and your planet


 Ryan Jacobs CAE has a few great passions he loves to keep active and healthy and encourage others to do the same and he also campaigns to save our planet, again encouraging others to follow suit. He has started spreading his news in his home in California and plans to continue throughout the us and the to the world. There are a lot of really simple, small and effective changes that can help achieve this goal. This article focuses on the changes that can be made which will also improve the fitness of yourself and your family.

CAE Ryan Jacob firmly believes in being active and enjoying your planet, so why don’t you use a broom instead of a leaf blower. Quit smoking which will improve the air quality especially of those around you this may also encourage your friends and family to follow suit. Don’t use hazardous chemicals unnecessarily.

Eat healthily and organically where possible, eat locally sourced produce or grow your own. The activity of planting and digging up the produce is extremely good exercise. You don’t have to worry about the cost of transporting them and you could help your locally economy in the process.

Take your clothes outside or dry them on a clothesline again this will give you a bit more exercise and will use your energy rather than putting a strain on the planets resources.

Decide whether you really need to use your vehicle today or whether you could take a walk in the beautiful sunshine with your family. This will help to keep you all fit and healthy and save the planet in the process. If the walk is to the shops then take your own bags with you, paper bags are best. Plastic bags are made from oils and can seriously harm our planet and some of them will never decompose but remain with us in whatever none useful state forever. Also, whilst you are there look out for the products which are in one packet and then another packet, try to buy the product with the least amount of packaging and the one that uses biodegradable or reusable packaging.

Talk to people tell them about the small changes you have made and that they are making you feel great both physically and mentally. They may decide to follow suit and also tell someone else. After the whole family carry the shopping home in its reusable packaging then keep the packaging handy so that you can use next time.

Another way that you can spread the news and keep fit is by joining an environmental group who will have a lot of activities. You may meet and litter pick, share ideas and make plans to protect your planet. You may decide to talk to local representative or government officials and see what they can do to help protect the planet for our future generations.

Remember no one wants to end up as a defendant being asked why did you pollute and kill your planet? So, start clean air engineering today.

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