Prepare Yourself for an Investment Banking Career

Center of AttentionAn investment banking industry is large and diverse that can incorporate almost all types of services. A major bank employs specialists in taxation, law, HR, statisticians, economists, public and media relations, management professionals and so on. In general a bank in the UK, in addition to specialists has to recruit bank manger, customer relationship professional, cashiers and advisers. Therefore, in the investment banking industry there are plenty of career opportunities.

It is tough to find an ideal investment banking job. Consider utilising the services of a specialist investment banking recruitment agency to get desired placement.

What degrees will help to achieve a banking job?

Good academic track record is necessary to step into the investment banking industry. There is no preference for a particular educational background. In fact, graduates from any background can find out desired position in this industry. Since banking offers a lucrative career opportunity, there is a fierce competition for these jobs. Academic achievements are not the only criteria for selection in this investment banking sector.

What employers look for?

Most of the investment banking recruiters will look for candidates who have keen interests on financial markets. Information about the industry, current issues affecting businesses and specific company is crucial for this job. In order to stand out of the competition, you need to show

  • Commercial awareness
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Leadership qualities
  • Analytical mind
  • Ability to solve problems
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Commitment to training and education

It will be your duty to demonstrate these abilities through your resume or in the interviews. If you have passion to step into this industry, try to get involved in an investment banking job while you are in the university.

Experience of working as an intern will help you to gain the ideal position.

Why internship is beneficial?

Internship not only helps a graduate to learn the process of work; there are several other benefits attached to it. These are:

  • It is a way to test whether a career option is apt for you
  • Summer internship paves the way to get placement
  • Enable you to work in a real environment and face the challenges
  • Know about the culture of an organisation
  • Opportunities to gain “on the job” experience and do networking

The internship has now become an effective way to get into the banking sector.

What is the scope for career progression?

Staffs in investment banking sectors are promoted based on performances. Unlike any other profession, skilled employees in investment banking industries can rapidly gain positions where they will manage crucial responsibilities. Most of the investment banks, especially the international banks, operate round the clock to match with other countries’ banks working hours. Those individuals, who can handle pressure and work for long hours, have a better opportunity to thrive in this industry.

What salaries and benefits you can expect?

Although, salaries vary on the basis of responsibilities, performance and location; most of the investment banking offer graduates some of the best paid jobs as well as excellent benefits. A graduate can expect a salary of £ 35,000 for most of the investment jobs. Large banks often provide sports and social benefits to their staffs. They have fixed holidays in a year. If the employees have to work for extra hours, they will be entitled to extra payment. Managers are provided a car allowance and sometimes private health insurance.

The students, who have missed out internship, can gain a broad understanding of the firm and various roles in investment banking through workshops. These training courses will provide an overview of the duties that you can do as a graduate.

How to find investment banking jobs?

It is tough to find an ideal investment banking job. You may take the assistance of a specialist investment banking recruitment agency to get desired placement.

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