Personal Injury Claims: Can I Represent Myself?

Many people represent themselves for a personal injury claim and walk away with a successful result. It is worth investigating, as it can save you more than a third of your compensation payout. But you should bear in mind that you will need to have your wits about you. However, every personal injury case is different and the route you choose – either with or without and accident lawyer – will depend on several factors. Let’s take a look at those now.


Tori Rector

Minor Accidents

If you have been involved in a minor accident and received only a few bruises – a slip in a shop, for example – then you could be in luck. It is likely that the store’s insurance will be happy to offer a very quick settlement. It won’t be a complex case, and you should get enough to cover your medical bills and a little extra on top. If you were to bring a lawyer into that scenario, you wouldn’t be looking at much more compensation. And when the case is done, you would have to pay them more of a third of it as their contingency fee. But be aware that you could settle for less.

Major Accident

It is advisable to seek out help from an experienced personal injury lawyer in certain circumstances. For example, you might have had to undergo expensive medical treatment. You could also have lost a lot of money through being unable to work, and/or have suffered severe injuries (permanent or otherwise). Because there is a lot of money at stake, the insurance company will want to protect their bottom line as much as possible. Things can get messy and highly complex. To receive a fair amount to compensate you for your injuries, a professional who is more used to these situations is going to be a real benefit for you.

Lots Of Evidence

You can be confident of getting a settlement without a personal injury lawyer if you have evidence. That evidence has to put the other party’s responsibility for the accident in no doubt. You will need to have witnesses, any documents or messages from the other party that imply their guilt. Police reports can also help, as can pictures of the scene of the accident. Anything you can think of that will help your case should be investigated thoroughly. Presented with such evidence, insurers will often admit there is little point in defending a suit.

Unclear Responsibility

If you do not have a lot of evidence of the accident, then it is likely you will have a fight on your hands. In cases such as this, it is wise to seek out help from a professional lawyer. If they offer you a no-win-no-fee service, then you will have a chance. Going up against large insurance companies without any clear indications that the defending party was responsible could prove very costly in the end.

Taking on your personal injury case yourself can work for you. However, the more complex the case is, the more difficult it will be for you to get the right result. You could be up against a sharp legal team with years of experience, and there is every chance they could eat you – and your claim – for breakfast. Whether you decide to go it alone or not, it is always advised to take legal advice beforehand.

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