Maintaining Your Cool When No One Seems to Care about Your Ideas

It’s difficult to speak in front of many people when you have no idea how they will react. You can practice your speech and your manner of presentation. Even with constant practice, you still won’t have any idea how the people will receive you up until the actual presentation. Therefore, you need to find a way to maintain your cool even if you don’t get the response that you want.Maintaining Your Cool When No One Seems to Care about Your Ideas

Realise that people react differently

Your presentation isn’t the right time for you to analyse people’s behaviour. It’s not good if you look at the body movements and facial expressions of every person in the room to conclude that they don’t seem engaged. Some of them might like what you’re saying, but they’re not expressive. The last thing you want is to get distracted because you overanalyse everyone in the room. You can ask for feedback later. For now, the goal is to get your message across.

Switch things up

Perhaps, your strategy isn’t working. You speak for far too long and you don’t engage anyone anymore. It’s time for you to switch things up a bit and come up with interesting activities. You can make the room more interactive. You still have a chance to win people over if you take the microphone away from you for a while.

Crack a joke

If you feel that everyone doesn’t like what you’re saying, you can crack a joke about it. You will send a signal that you understand them, and you know how they feel. Once the room starts to get filled with laughter, you energise them. You need that moment of relaxation before you continue. It’s also an opportunity for you to show a different side.

Move around the room

You might be centre stage all the time and you’re trying to win everyone over. You have to move around the room and make the place more interactive. It could be a way of making people interested. Besides, when you try to walk over to the audience, everyone will become alert in fear that you will call them out. While you’re walking around, you also start to relax because you’re no longer on stage.

Don’t show your frustration

Yes, it’s frustrating to see people not reacting the way you hoped. However, if you show them that you dislike their reaction, it will only fill the room with negativity. Even if you feel exhausted because you don’t know how to win people over, you have to stay positive. Put on a smile and try to bring energy into the room.

You can’t expect everyone to listen to you or react positively to you. Despite that, you have to remain calm and push through with your plans. You may also use props or slides to make your ideas more interesting. Invest in a projector mount so that if you need to use a projector, it’s already in the room.

Hopefully, things turn out the way you want. If not, you can analyse what happened and do better next time.


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