IBQH 2013-Excelling in Quality Healthcare Services


Knowing about IBQH:

International Board for Quality in Healthcare, short form IBQH tests fundamental knowledge in healthcare and provides a professional certificate which validates your skills and knowledge of quality. It is basically designed for healthcare professionals so that they can further grow their performance in healthcare services. IBQH Exam makes sure to upgrade this certification in order to ensure that the quality of healthcare provided to patients is up to date. The aim of IBQH is to make sure that every employee in this area is able to deliver elevated quality healthcare services to all the patients.

Audience Profile:

IBQH program is designated towards all the employees operating in the field of Healthcare irrespective of their age,gender,religion,and nationality and education level. Intern doctors, Medical Bachelor Students, Company doctors, Pharmacists, GPS, Nursing, Dentists, Vets, Managers and school graduates can apply.  There is no minimum education level or hands-on experience required for applying for IBQH001 Exam. All applicants will have equal opportunities to outshine this examination process.

Examination Overview:

The certification exam will be in the form of multiple choice questions which will test your comprehensive understanding of fundamental concepts in quality healthcare, and your ability to recall and interpret information and utilizing it in quality management. It will test you in areas such as assessing problems, integrating information, solving problems, generating solutions, applying solutions and implementing the concepts of quality health services. The material of this exam is latest as of 2013, related to current practices and tasks carried out by quality control managers worldwide.

To acquire this certificate you need to clear the IBQH exam which is conducted in a desktop based format. IBQH exam will consists of 150 multiple choice questions that will test your knowledge of quality healthcare. The time allotted to each candidate is 3 hours. There are around 5000 Assessment centers for this examination and can be found anywhere in the world. It is recommended that you first read IBQH handbook and visit their official web site before registering for IBQH examination. All your queries will be answered on their official web page www.ibqh.org


In order to clear you IBQH exam with flying colors it is highly recommended by IBQH team that you attend the IBQH training course which is conducted by the best of ASQH in various countries (currently in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and U.A.E). You need to have a thorough understanding of the study material for successful passing. The training course will be inclusive of all the lectures by experts and will cover all the important parts of examination, case studies and question from past exams. Furthermore, the online sessions conducted by ASQH for continuous medical education (CME) will help you even more and bind your skills in the field of quality healthcare services. A number of books are also recommended for your study guide.


If you are willing to grow your career in the field of healthcare management, then this certificate will prove to be a stepping stone towards progress. It will certify your knowledge and abilities as a health care professional and give you a competitive edge whenever you are applying to any healthcare management service.

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