How to spend the lowest budget on your Advertisements

The main reason for advertisement is to maximize profits. However, if you do not use the right strategy in your marketing campaign, you may end up spending most of your income on Ads, more than they profit you.

To help you avoid frustration, you should not add fluff in your content; stuff that may make your customers judge you as an amateur, or an inexperienced professional in the industry. Advertisements are meant to intrigue, attract, and inform. However, if you make your advertisements commanding, intimidating, or high valued, you may scare or annoy your potential prospects from your business.

Here are some key things that you should never place in your body rub advertisement to avoid rejection…

Don’t Ask for Sales

The main reason that people come to your massage parlor is to get your help; not to give you money. When you ask for sales in your starting letters, you act like street sales men and women who demand people to purchase from them so that they can get “something” from them. Those people are annoying, right?

When placing advertisements on web-spaces you should focus on informing, attracting, or intriguing your audience. Make sure that you provide something of value to the customers and promise to teach more, if they clicked on your link to your website.

This helps them feel that they’re interacting with a professional instead of a sales person.

Offer Value not just Urgency

Creating urgency for your product is important. However, before you create an urgency need for your body rub services, ensure that the customers fully understand the value of your body rubs business. Most advertisers rush people to purchase their massage products and body rub services before explaining what the people will benefit with and how it will be offered.

Helping your customers understand your value and benefits enables them to create a schedule to visit your business as soon as possible. The urgency is devised to remind and push them to take action, which they may have forgotten.

Don’t Push People

People do not like to be sold to. They lower your value and consider you as a selfish body rubs business owner who’s mainly focused in getting rich. You should, therefore, avoid using pushy language such as Buy Now, Do not hesitate, and such terminologies.

These are used in specific advertisements, which are mandatory such as upgrading security systems and mobile numbers. However, when used for leisure products such as massages and spas, people will undervalue them and, therefore, ignore.

Analyze your Metrics

Lastly, and most importantly, ensure to measure your advertisement progress to find out what works best. For instance, you can find out that your advertisements work better in particular websites and fail in others. In such cases, you should instantly remove your advertisements from the platform, and post more on the ones that convert. You can also look for key phrases that push people away and the ones that convert.
By measuring their advertisement successes, advertisers and agencies are able to propel their businesses to the next level.



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