How to Select the Best Math Tutor for Your Child

Mathematics is one of the most difficult subjects for the students today. Especially the students who are studying in SSLC or PUC find mathematics very difficult to understand and when you look at into the result sheet of students in SSLC and PUC, you will come to know that mathematics is the subject in which most of the students fail. Is mathematics so difficult that it is impossible to score even 30 marks out of 100 in it? Or are our students just feel that it is difficult? Neither of these two is exactly true. The real truth is hidden somewhere behind these two things. So hiring a math teacher is very important for many children. But does your child really needs a math teacher? Let us see now.


1) Understand the requirements of your child. If your child has failed in mathematics, that doesn’t mean that tuition is the only solution for that. There might be several reasons behind its failure. Try to understand them and if you are convinced that lack of tutoring is the only reason for the failures, go and get a tutor for your child.

2) Learning environment is also very much important. Before deciding to provide math tutoring to your child, see whether your child is getting the proper environment in your home for studies. If you think that the environment isn’t good, make it correct at first and then go for a tutor. No tutoring would be of any use unless the home environment is good for the child to learn.

3) Ensure that the math tutor whom you are hiring is an expert in mathematics. The money that you pay for him shouldn’t go waste. There are some people who claim that they give tuition to your child, but their intentions could be other than teaching. Don’t believe everyone blindly. But at the same time, remember one more thing. That is the degrees and other qualifications aren’t the only criteria for judging the ability of any tutor. So try to test his ability, if possible by yourself and hire him only if you are convinced that he is capable of teaching, not cheating!

4) Looking after your budget is also another important thing you have to remember. Don’t hire a tutor who charges you more than what actually you can pay. If you are unable to bear the expenses of the tutor, you can’t get the proper tutoring for your child by him. So keep this thing in your mind before hiring a tutor.

5) Many qualities are required of a tutor who is teaching mathematics to students. He should have enough patience to explain the concept in depth. Remember the grasping power of different children is in different levels and the tutor should have the patience to adjust to their learning abilities. He shouldn’t enforce them to learn everything at once. Besides that, it is better if you choose a tutor who knows all the topics that are included in the syllabus of your child thoroughly. That saves you the time and money that you have to spend in hiring different tutors for different subjects.

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