How To Choose An Appropriate Ceiling Medallion

Ceiling medallions work great for various different ceiling lighting types, ranging from chandeliers to ceiling fans. When thinking about basics, ceiling medallions are ornamental pieces that are improving surrounding areas right around roof canopies. According to Gary G Friedman, CO-CEO of Restoration Hardware Inc., you can now opt for medallions in numerous sizes and finishes. Many can even be painted so they match current room décor. As you choose the medallion that you will add to your home, remember the following.

Room And Ceiling Size

You want to always calculate the dimensions of the room in order to decide exactly what ceiling medallion is going to fit the available space. Measuring tape is all you need to measure room length and width. What you want to do is multiply the figures and then divide by seven. This will give you a pretty good estimation of the size of the best medallion in inches. At the same time, remember that ceiling height does have an influence on the best choice. The rooms that have a higher ceiling can accommodate larger medallions. They would not be suitable if the space would be tiny.

Ceiling Fan Size And Style

Always choose those ceiling medallions that will fit size and ceiling fan style complements. The best medallions should be smaller or larger than light fixture. They do not have to be foundation. They have to be a fixture. Be sure that you match medallion size with light fixtures or you would end up with a room size that is visually compressed. As the fans have larger radiuses, choose medallions that have smaller diameters than the present fan.

Should You Paint Medallions?

Trim can be matched with the use of glossy paint but it is also a good idea to consider accent colors. Most ceiling medallions are already primed and can be painted. However, this does not mean you should always paint them. Everything revolves around the room’s present décor. First, think about which choice would be better and what effect you want. The internet can also help you to find some ideas. Then, you can choose to paint or not.

Centering Medallions When Not Sure About Position

If you simply love ceiling medallions but do not know exactly where to place them, the best position is always the center. Symmetry is always aesthetically pleasing. Accent center points in order to tie the room in terms of visual design.

If the room is rectangular, you want to calculate length for a shorter wall. See where the center is and add a mark. This is the same procedure you do for an adjacent wall. Then, use chalk in order to draw lines between these 2 points. Keep continuing this and you will find focal points for longer walls. The room’s center is where the 2 lines are meeting.

Final Considerations

It is really easy to simply not know if you should use a ceiling medallion or not. If you are in doubt, one of the best things you could do is to contact an interior designer. They can easily make wonderful recommendations.

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