How the Periodic Table of Intoxicating Substances Helps With Detox

There is a table available that allows professionals a quick glimpse into the serious nature of any dopamine inducing drug addiction. This is a handy resource that helps medical and addiction experts the opportunity to formulate the best treatment plan to push you towards a successful recovery. The table is easy to use and contains accurate, scientifically gathered information. It helps provide cutting edge information for addiction recovery.


Dopamine Inducing Drugs

Dopamine is a chemical released by the brain that induces the intense craving for a drug, once an addiction has taken hold. Ultimately the individual will feel pleasure after seeking and taking the desired drug of choice. These are the types of drugs that carry the highest risk for creating addictions. Since they involve chemicals within the brain, breaking these habits are difficult and need the assistance of medical professionals to minimize withdrawal discomfort.

Period Table

Many people remember having to memorize the periodic table of elements in chemistry class at school. Psychology professionals have developed a periodic table of drugs that categorizes dopamine inducing substances in a sensible and cohesive manner. There are specific characteristics of these drugs that allow for groupings on the table that make it easier to understand the addiction that is being dealt with. This can make treatment more successful by allowing a more targeted plan to be set in place.


There can be no argument that heroin is a more potent drug than cannabis. The use of either can become addictive, but the treatment for heroin has to be more aggressive, due to the potency of the drug. The table of drugs offers insight to the potency potential for each drug at a glance. Everyone involved in the treatment plan has the ability to be fully informed on the nature of the drug addiction being tackled.


Not every drug has the same ability to create a quick and strong addiction. The table of drugs provides the indicators needed to demonstrate the abusability of all dopamine inducing drugs. This is another way that scientifically collected data can assist in the recovery process. The needed intensity of treatment can be determined accurately at the time of evaluation. Each class of drug is kept in a separate line with abusability and potency strengths indicated from left to right, with the weakest being at the left.

Potential for Harm

There are many drugs that carry a high risk to the health and well-being of individuals due to the potential for accidental overdose. There is also great risk in the detox process if it is not carried out correctly and in a medically monitored environment. The table of drugs clearly identifies the drugs that carry the biggest dangers to users. A safe inpatient detox program can be started right away to help free you from addiction to dangerous drugs. Being able to stabilize the health of someone addicted to a harmful drug is the critical first step to complete recovery.


Treatment and recovery can be complicated if there is more than one dopamine inducing drug being used. Cross-addictions are becoming an increasingly common situation. The recovery process can include education about the dangers of using other drugs on this table, which can stimulate the dopamine in the body, raising the temptation levels to fall back and begin using the drug that was the original problem. It is easier to show someone the easier path to freedom from addiction by demonstrating the science behind the illness. The road to recovery will still not be an easy one, but you will increase your odds of success.

Recognizing the Potential for Relapse

Being able to enter a detox program and rid the body of the drugs is a great first step. This has to be followed up with a strong treatment plan that helps you stay strong and drug-free. Follow-up and therapy are an important part of guarding sobriety. Having a caring, professional staff will make the transition from addiction to recovery easier and a goal that finally seems reachable.

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