How Lawyers Can Build Their Reputation

High profile lawyers in the United States of America make frequent appearances on national and international television. Criminal defense attorneys often seek some air time on major news channels that have a widespread audience base. The goal of such legal professionals is to shine some light on important issues that might be misunderstood by the public. Prominent criminal defense lawyers enjoy engaging in live interviews that might ask lots of tough questions. For example, some criminal defense attorneys may be harassed for defending certain celebrities who are sued in cases involving domestic violence or tax fraud. 

Sometimes, high profile legal experts try to emphasize that their clients are on “witch trials” because of negative publicity generated by the mainstream media. It’s common for major news outlets to sway public opinion about pending cases involving movie stars, politicians, athletes and entertainers. During ongoing legal cases involving celebrities, lawyers usually handle most public relations issues in order to prevent any statements from being used out of context.

Some lawyers enjoy appearing on national TV shows that discuss general legal issues such as immigration, gang violence, gun control, white collar crime and more. After all, the average TV viewer is most likely unaware of legal codes that regulate such concerns. High profile attorneys believe that they have a responsibility to inform the public about issues that truly matter on a local or personal level. 

True seekers of justice and order in the legal world are also quite active in the political arena. Some attorneys try to propose new legislation on municipal, state and federal levels. It’s even possible for lawyers to offer their legal advice at major hearings that are held in the District of Columbia. Testifying in front of the U.S. Congress is truly an honor for a licensed lawyer who wants to change the legal system on a small scale. 

High profile attorneys can also speak their minds on the radio. There are satellite and digital radio channels entirely dedicated to covering the latest legal issues. Prominent attorneys can provide their expertise and insight on some trending stories and other current events. Instead of listening to mainstream news outlets, many ordinary folks prefer to listen to “underground” radio stations that might discuss legal cases more openly. For example, lawyers might not be too concerned about political correctness when talking on a radio station that is heard by a small group of regional followers. 

Social media is another powerful platform that can be used by high profile attorneys. Professional webpages can be created in order to advertise one’s legal practice. Resumes can be uploaded for the entire world to see. Photos and videos might also enhance the online reputation of an attorney. For example, Joe Tacopina is a licensed attorney who uses social media for personal and professional networking. 

Last but not least, attorneys who want to boost their reputation should connect with local people. It’s important to appear in front of the public during events such as demonstrations, festivals and other large gatherings. Similarly, attorneys may also be invited as guest speakers at law school graduation ceremonies.

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