Five Bathroom Renovation Tips

A bathroom is a very important room in the home. It needs to cater to many people and provide a tranquil space that promotes relaxation. It is possible to get an incredible bathroom even with a limited budget thanks to excellent bathroom suite designs and plenty of different options available from companies such as However, before you rush to update your bathroom, have a read through these tips below, they will help you to make the best use of the space.

Focus on the Needs of the Family

A small bowl sink might really appeal to you on a style level, but is it really practical for your home. Think about how you use the bathroom and how the other members of the household use the space too. Function is vital and if you upgrade on looks alone you will quickly realise your mistake.

Take Accurate Measurements

Measuring the room goes without saying, but it’s also worth taking the measurements of the entire bathroom suite. Think about how the current size is working for you and if you’d like something bigger or smaller. It’s also worth thinking about a possible room re-design to get the best use of the space. Consult with a professional before deciding to relocate any items as you will need to know the costs involved and whether the pipework will be achievable for your home.

Flooring is Very Important

Don’t leave flooring decisions to last and pick a floor that fits in with the design of the room, but make sure it is durable and not slippery. Some sensible water resistant options include stone or ceramic tiles. For some added luxury consider using underfloor heating in the bathroom, but again always consult with a professional.

Try to Upgrade

There are many amazing baths and showers that are available for a lot less than they once were. These days it’s possible to have roll top freestanding baths and even steam shower enclosures and not have to take a second mortgage out to do so. Always aim to buy better than what you have now, not to simply replace for a newer model. Even small upgrades such as a larger shower head will make a noticeable difference.

Make the Space as Light as Possible

Use lighting to create the feeling of space and also to provide you with an adequate working space to carry out your daily tasks in the bathroom. Use a combination of lights rather than a single light in the centre of the ceiling. Another great lighting trick is to use large mirrors or mirrors with lights built-in. Finally, add to the ambiance of the room with lots of candles for times when all you want to do is relax and unwind.

These simple tips can help you to achieve a picture perfect bathroom on any sized budget. Shop carefully and you’ll find some incredible deals that you may have thought were beyond your means.

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