Embracing Our Perfections and Imperfections – and Loving Ourselves Fully

Loving ourselves fully is the essence of accepting who we are. It is crucial to take a careful look at ourselves and appreciate the good with the not-so-good, but also work with the ‘package’ we’ve been given and that we were born with. It’s not always so easy to do – we know!

Still, how does one approach the way that you live with any type of struggle you may be facing – that perhaps you even had a role in bringing on? This is harder to grapple with because it’s an imperfection that we took a part in creating, and you know all too well your responsibility in the current reality you are facing straight in the mirror. To get specific and to the point, the issue of weight gain and bad food choices is not an easy one by any means, but it’s one that many people today struggle with. So you are not alone by any means!

We begin with some ideas for you to consider about loving your imperfections while doing whatever you can to actively change those very imperfections. How to start? Read more on Analyze That to understand the ways in which you can add natural supplements in your life to help you with your weight loss journey so that the other hard work you do to shed some of the pounds from 2017 all pay off quickly and permanently.

Other ways to start is to find a friend or a group of friends to join you on different aspects of your weight loss journey.

  • Lose Weight With a Friend. There is no doubt that trying to lose weight alone is not easy. If you have a buddy you are checking in with all the time, who can support you daily, it can really make all the difference. That person can be in another state or country – but it’s someone who you would become accountable to. One of the best ways to do it is to share your food diary with that person so that you are always in touch about what food choices you are making – for better or for worse.
  • Exercise With a Friend. It’s important to have someone to go to the gym with, walk with, take a class with or just talk about exercise with. If you know you are meeting one friend for TRX and another friend for a power walk, it’s more likely that you will meet your exercise goals each and every week.
  • Weigh-In With a Friend. At the end of the day, we want to shed some pounds, and having a weigh-in day or weigh in plan with a friend can be strategic. How? So that whether the numbers on the scale are favorable or less favorable, you can talk with your body about it afterward. Especially if you’ve been extra ‘good’ and the numbers on the scale do not go down, you may feel discouraged and it’s good to have a partner who can help you keep the perspective. One week you may be encouraging your friend to keep going and the next week that friend may be encouraging you. Again, your friend need not be local, as long as you commit to the same weigh-in day or weigh-in plan and share the process together.

Whether or not we are successful with our weight loss efforts, we must take responsibility for taking care of our bodies and our health. Of course, there is a wealth of weight loss tips available on this subject. While there is no way to go back and fix what happened which caused the weight gain to begin with, it is possible to learn from what happened and take action now. We can be healthier and happier all while at once accepting who we are. There really is no other way!

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