Common Workers Compensation Problems

The workers compensation system was established to protect all the workers hurt while on the job. It also covers those that get an illness that is job related. As a result of the federal and state programs, injured employees no longer sue their employer, but instead, he or she may file a claim with the employer’s insurance company for workers compensation.

Although the system was designed to be a no-fault benefit program, time has established that the process can be a long, laborious procedure and the results are often unfair to those that are in need. To have a successful claim, Iowa workers compensation attorneys suggest hiring a lawyer to help you fight through the complicated legal process. Here are just some of the problems you may encounter when filing a claim.

Filing Late

You have a mere 30 days to file a claim for your injury or illness in most states, so beware of being late. If you contacted your employer but didn’t follow-up with a written notification, you may need confirmation about the contact. A few days after your claim is filed, you should receive the forms that begin your actual workers compensation claim.

Invalid Claims

Some claims are thought to be invalid requests because the injury or illness is only a partial result of the victim’s employment. When that happens, the claim is denied, and the process is considered invalid. If you are the injured party and feel the claim was valid, you can contact an attorney and begin an appeal process.

Denial Issues

Whether it is confusion over questions, spaces left blank, or receiving the claim after the deadline, the insurance company can deny claims for those and many other reasons. If you feel your claim was unjustly denied, consider contacting an attorney near you. The legal team can review the circumstances of the denial and help you begin an appeal if you were wrongly denied.

Treatment Confusion

After an injury, most workers seek treatment from their family doctor. Therein lies the reason for many claim denials. Although you typically have the right to choose a physician from a list provided by the insurance company, any treatment by your personal doctor does not qualify for approved payments for treatments. Also, if the treatment plan is not closely followed, the claim’s administrator may deny the process.

Knowing how the workers compensation system works can help you make it through the process that results in a claim approval. If you do get denied, consider contacting an attorney to help you win an appeal.


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