Choosing the Right Transcription Service for Your Needs

When you are on the hunt for a transcription service, you need to find one which fits your needs properly. You might find one which seems perfect, only to discover it does not have a crucial feature you need. Do you risk it, or do you go somewhere else? Here are some of the services you might need and ones which you often might not be able to do without.

Rush Order

If you are a journalist, you might need a quick turnaround on your transcription service to be able to meet your deadlines. If you aren’t able to get your transcript in a timely manner, you may be pushed to meet your deadline. Therefore, you should always be on the hunt for transcription services which are able to give you your copy in a short amount of time but to a high level of quality and accuracy.

Medical Jargon

There are many people who might have to handle medical reports, from doctors to archivists, and handling the transcription of any recorded materials here can be quite tricky. The medical profession uses a lot of extremely technical jargon which might also be difficult for some people to spell if they are not used to working with it. If you need things translating for this, you should look for a company which claims to be able to transcribe medical materials.

Difficult Audio

It would be a blessing to be able to get crystal clear audio each and every time but that might not always be the case. Whether it is background noise or multiple voices speaking at once, there are many factors which might cause your audio clip to be classed as “difficult” by the transcribers. You need to find a transcription service which is able to pick apart each part of the audio to be able to provide you with an accurate picture of what is happening.

Natural Pauses

Sometimes the way someone says something is as important as what they are saying. If you are attempting to record someone’s speaking patterns for a linguistics project, you will need this data to be left intact on the recordings. Therefore, you need to find a transcription service which is able to accurately record all of the natural pauses and bad grammar a person might have when they are speaking.


Depending on your industry, you might not just require a transcription but also a translation. If this is the case, it might be prudent to look for you to seek out the services of someone who is not only able to transcribe your audio but also translate it into whatever language you need. This is an invaluable service and it might take some searching before you are able to find someone who offers it.

Transcription is something which needs to be correct the first time it is sent to you. No matter why you need their services, you need to focus on finding a transcription service which offers you exactly what you need.

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