Caught Drink Driving? Here’s What To Do

Drink driving is a serious offense under any circumstances. The law in most countries stipulates that only a very small amount of alcohol is acceptable. Even one glass of wine could put you and others at risk. If you do find yourself caught driving under the influence of alcohol, there are severe consequences. Drink driving carries an instant ban, no matter how minor the incident.

You also face a fine of up to $10,000. In the worst cases, drink driving carries a lengthy jail term. That of course depends on the extent of the crime. If you are caught a little over the limit, you’ll just receive a fine. If the incident involves the injury or death of another driver, a jail sentence could be imposed. It’s important to know how to handle the situation if you find yourself here. Getting caught will be overwhelming, especially for the thousands of teenage drivers. The following advice will help you.

Don’t refuse the breathalyzer test

If you’re reading this after an incident, it may be too late. However, if you find yourself in this position, do not refuse the breathalyzer test. The only reasonable excuse to refuse one is a medical condition. This would have to be backed up later by a doctor. On any other grounds, you will be arrested for refusing the test. The breathalyzer test will be presented after any incident, no matter how minor. The police officer may also ask you to do a physical test. This could be walking in a straight line and turning around. Don’t refuse this either. Complying with officers is the best way to ensure a lenient decision. Trust us, there isn’t a way around it!

Contact a lawyer

Not all situations will require a lawyer. If you were pulled over and charged with drink driving, it is often beyond dispute. The tests are conclusive, you plead guilty and accept a small fine and ban. In these minor cases, it isn’t always worth the time and cost of a lawyer. However, if there are bigger issues at play, it is worth seeking legal advice. Most law offices can advise you, but you can also turn to drink driving specialists. If the loss of license could mean the end of your career, a lawyer may help you out. If there is a risk of jail time, then it is definitely in your interests to seek a professional. They will help you craft your statement and mitigating circumstances. There is rarely an easy way out, but they will certainly help lessen the charges.

Implement a zero-tolerance policy in the future

You will eventually have your license reinstated. It is important that you now implement a zero-tolerance policy. No matter what the law says, just don’t risk a single drink. If you have already experienced the full force of the law, you’ll want to avoid it. It simply isn’t worth the risk.

In the event that you are caught drink driving, it is important to understand the consequences. You will face a ban, a fine and potential jail time. Refusing breathalyzer tests will only make things worse down the line, so co-operate fully. Finally, speak to a lawyer and learn from your mistakes in the future.


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