Captain Martin Lloyd Sanders discusses jobs in the Commissioned Corps

Martin Lloyd Sanders is a brave and valiant captain that protects the countrymen and his services. An officer in the US Public Health Service and Director of the Environmental Health Services he works in the division for Occupational Health

The US Commissioned Corps protects and promotes health and safety across the USA. There are more than six thousand uniformed officers. It is the world’s foremost public health service. Every member of the Commissioned Corps including Martin Lloyd Sanders have been commissioned by the Corps due to the skills and training that they have received elsewhere. Due to this the members of the Corps include physicians, social workers, psychiatrists, dieticians, environmental health officers’ psychologists and so on. These officers continue to promote health and wellbeing across the nation. They are called onsite at times of disaster or where there are health and welfare concerns and where they are needed.

The officers can join at many levels and in Martin Lloyd Sanders case he entered as a Captain. Some other members will start at the beginning of their careers but usually after some sort of formal health training. As in all armed services there is a sense of belonging to a team and also a sense of having an important purpose. Commissioned Corps benefits are generous, including health and dental care, thirty days a year paid holiday, paid sick leave, paid maternity leave, insurance coverage, excellent retirement benefits which can be taken after only 20 years’ service which is much less than the usual.

Some members of the Commissioned Corps go on to join other government agencies that suit their skills and assets. The commissioned Corps encourages you to keep growing as a person through extra training and professional experience. A certain level and qualification will be required of you before you are allowed to join the Corps and long-term training will be offered to many staff also.

To be a public health officer, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited program in your field. In some cases, you may need a master’s or doctorate degree. You will also be required to have a professional license as is the case for an optometrist, scientist or scientific researcher physician or physician’s assistant. The corps gives people with ambition but also caring and nurturing qualities the opportunity to do something very meaningful and rewarding with their lives whilst also earning a good income and being rewarded with benefits.

The focus of the Corps in the community is to promote and improve health of that whole community. Poverty can lead to a lot of the issues that the Corps will have to deal with. Along with poverty can come mental health and general issues that occur when some of the people living in your neighborhood or no longer able to care about their property. The Corps including CAPT Martin Lloyd Sanders have a full team of experts from psychiatrists to environmental health officers. All of the team members can play a part in improving the health of certain neighborhoods. The Corps can help.

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