Become A Validated Graphics Designer With Adobe Certifications

Adobe is worldwide recognized software dealing with graphic and web designing. The software is used by web designers, graphic designers, system integrators and developers.

Adobe certifications validate your expertise in various Adobe products that provides the clients and employers a means to realize your potential. The certification makes it easy for you to move ahead in the current IT market, so that you stand out and get noticed. It is also an excellent medium to let the world know about your skills in a focused and obvious way.

There are three distinct types of Adobe Exam offered to individuals that will validate your proficiency. These are:

  • Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) – This certification demonstrates the person’s proficiency level with one or many Adobe products.
  • ACE Specialist – This is best for professionals working as solution providers with the use of various Adobe products like LiveCycle Enterprise Suite, Flex or Cold Fusion.

Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) – This credential certifies professionals having the skills of entry level for planning, designing, building and maintaining effective communications with the help of various kinds of digital media.

  • ACE Master – This demonstrates your proficiency in the complete range of Adobe products.

There are Adobe certifications for instructors too, who teach Adobe and is known as ACI or Adobe Certification Instructors Program.

There are many career options for professionals certified by Adobe as they are open to lots of opportunities for the entry leveled jobs in IT industries. Some of the job responsibilities that are most suited for Adobe certified individuals are:

1)      For Graphic Designing and Development – Individuals can work as graphic designers, system integrators, developers and web designers. The certifications for these job roles are ACE, ACE Master and ACE Specialist.

2)      For Instructions in Adobe Products – Individuals can work as Certified Instructors by getting certified as ACI.

Adobe certifications are the standard for IT industry for excellence in areas like graphics, media and web designing. The products are used widely for creating different forms of media and graphic content. Once you pass out successfully any of the Adobe certification exams, it is going to provide a boost to your career. You will be able to get a brilliant job in the IT sector. Some of the benefits of being an Adobe certified are:

  • Graphics and Web designers, System integrators and developers can elevate their credentials with ACE.
  • IT professionals are benefited by getting a raise in their current job, finding a new job, or in promoting their skills.
  • Individuals as ACE can demonstrate their skills with Adobe software and its products.
  • They can apply their expertise for adding value to their workplace.
  • Individuals as ACI can demonstrate their knowledge by teaching about various Adobe products and its technologies.

However, before taking the exams for any of the Adobe certifications, the most important thing is preparation. There are numerous training resources available online providing preparation materials, study guides, notes, practice questions and answers and much more. They help the candidates providing a complete knowledge of all the concepts that would help them in passing the certification exam successfully.

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