A walk down memory lane

Embracing the memories in one place is now not a big deal, you just need to find and invest the real deal. The photo albums are getting older day by day and it is also replaced by the digital albums but they are costly. For keepsake of memories, one finds a little difficulty in just choosing between different options. For that the answer is Photobook. Let’s know more about it and how it is different from others.

Bringing or collaging your memories in one place and preserving it for longer terms without getting damaged then the Photobook is the right choice for it. A Photobook can be used for different purposes like wedding, traveling stories, projects, portfolios, family fun, everyday life, kid’s photos, childhood memories, and vacations.  Well, there are plenty in the list no matter what the occasion is Photobook covers it all.

What is Photobook?

A Photobook is the collection of the different photo that is printed on the paper of the book these pictures can be of a significant type of multipurpose purposes of different occasions. The books contain a high quality of an image printed on the best quality of paper; these papers can be of multiple designs and material.

You can personalize the Photobook according to your need and purpose. Nowadays there are many companies like mixbook photobooks that help you in your own customization of the book. Several companies provide professional printing and binding with different types of layout and designs.

Different types of Photobook

  • Softcover books
  • Hardcover books
  • Flipbook
  • Kodak collection
  • Premium albums
  • Layflat Photobook

Starting with the softcover book on the first on the priority list lets study them one by one.

  • Softcover photobooks: Softcover books are the books that contain the pliable pages or the soft and shiny paper like the novels, magazines and annual report corporate magazines. These papers are basically used for the toddler’s books.
  • Hardcover books: These books contain the hard and rigid papers styles pages, these are the case bound. The handbook allows to bound the paper in a rigid form that is not foldable basically used in storybooks for children. These are basically heavy papers with a protection layer on it. Linen and printed are the different cover style of this one.
  • Flipbook: Flipbooks types are basically a moving picture style that moves when turning the pages instantly. These books are basically used for the portfolio and some storytelling designed on the particular purpose and aspect.
  • Kodak collection: This type of book contains the premium range of personalized photos launched by the Kodak Company that is the leader in the market of photography from 100 years. These are professional photobooks that are printed on different sizes and styles.
  • Premium albums: Premium albums are the greatest gift to family and friends. These are basically used in the wedding, baby photographs, portrait and portfolio printed on premium paper.
  • Layflat Photobook: It is the most luxurious premium style Photobook. Every page opens flat allowing full page layout. Available sizes 8”x8” and 8.5”x11”.

So what are you waiting for go and embrace your memories into one of the desired books you want to have.


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