A Holiday For One Could Be The Best Trip Ever

Going on holiday alone can seem very daunting, but it is no longer as lonely as it might have been. The number of companies offering organised tours for single travellers is rising. This article outlines why flying solo might not be such a bad thing.

Holidaying Alone Could Be For You

People travel by themselves for many reasons. It might be as simple as wanting to devote time to a hobby with like-minded individuals, if perhaps your partner prefers to do something else. Photography, painting or writing are obvious hobby holidays but there are also options for those who prefer to be more physically active on their break, walking or mountain-biking, for example.


Once the domain of drunken teenagers, holidaying for the first time without their parents, single holidays now cater for a much broader audience and if you are past the 18-30 stage, a recent divorce is not a pre-requisite for travel either! Far from the low budget, drink-all-you-can stereotypes, today’s holidays offer the traveller a taste of the finer things in life. This luxury approach indicates the type of customer operators are hoping to attract.

There Is No Such Thing As A Typical Holiday

Internet dating is now socially acceptable and often seen as a good idea for people who lead very busy lives and single holidays are going the same way. Society is becoming more tolerant of ideas that do not necessarily fit the historic ‘norm.’

The boom of the standard package holiday is declining as people turn to the internet to source better deals. Travelling alone, it is reassuring to know that accommodation and connecting travel has been pre-arranged and approved, not least from a safety perspective. Perhaps you have always wanted to see America; such a vast country, you might need the help of an organised tour to see the highlights in the time you have. Many of the specialised singles tour operators charge no single supplement, which might previously have priced a lone traveller out. You should still expect to have your own room.

When talking about the tourist destinations in the UK, among various fantastic destinations Spain is a preferred choice of many travellers. And the travel to Spain cannot be complete without visiting the majestic city of Barcelona. Boasting of a magnificent history which is one of the oldest in Europe, Barcelona is awake round the clock.  The city offers a fascinating variety of artistic treasures, modern art and architecture and the Romanesque churches. The inland full of charm and the elegant beaches of La Costa Brava are there to have a holiday worth cherishing. Barcelona is also the city of world famous Football Team.

The most striking fact about Barcelona is it displays a wonderful balance with one foot in the conventional things and the other in the ultramodern. Barcelona is the modern, avant-garde and cosmopolitan city which also lets you encounter the best of nature of both the mountain and the sea at Costa Brava and Costa Dorada. This passionate city of beauty, art and culture has lot to offer to the travellers; concerts, museums, Gaudi’s works, living statues, street musicians, tempting beaches, a huge selection of cocktail lounges, wine bars, tapas bars, and Irish pubs and above all some of the best restaurants where you get the finest catalonian cuisine. When holidaying alone, Barcelona is a favoured choice.

It can be a shame not to have anyone to get excited with beforehand and no-one to share the planning with, but on the plus side, you have no-one to share the planning with! No-one to please but yourself.

Before You Book

If you choose to travel independently, check with the Foreign Office for up to date advice on your destination.

On a tour, consider who else might be on the holiday; does it matter if others are much older or younger than you? What about the male/female split? Getting the wrong balance of people and being stuck with them could ruin your holiday and operators ought to be willing to answer your questions.

So with so many opportunities to get out there, see the world, indulge yourself and make new friends, there is nothing to regret about booking a holiday on your own. Except maybe that you didn’t do it sooner!



Tom Campbell writes on a regular basis regarding travel related topics for several websites and blogs. He recently spent two weeks on a tour of the USA, knowing no-one when he left. He returned a fan of single holidays and has vowed to go again in the future.

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