7 Crucial Job Interview Tips

Being well prepared when attending a job interview is critical. After all those few minutes can land you the job of your dreams, and so it is important that you make the most out of them. Let us outline some crucial job interview tips that may help you out the next time you attend an interview.

1. Dress properly

First impressions matter. As soon as you step through the door the interviewer will have made up his/her mind whether he/she likes you or not. It is normal to make such a decision as looks do matter. Therefore you need to choose what you will be wearing at the interview wisely. Plan it in advance and make sure the outfit fits you properly. A suit is generally the best option as it will help you look smart. Make sure there are no creases and that the shoes are clean. Little things that you may not notice may make or break your image for the interviewer.

2. Keep an eye on your body language

Your body language will speak volumes about you. It is normal to feel a bit nervous, but try to appear as calm as possible. Sit up straight and do not lean forward or fiddle with things. Your posture is very important and you should try to maintain eye contact with the interviewer. The tone of your voice is also important. You need to exert confidence as this will help to impress the interviewer.

3. How much or how little should you talk?

You do not want to look too shy, but at the same time you do not want to be over-talkative either. So avoid rambling on and on as you might bore the interviewer. Just be concise and mention the most important and relevant issues. On the other hand, avoid answering only with a yes or a no. To find more tips, you can visit Australian resume writing service website and learn even more.

4. Try to prepare some questions

Many people commit the mistake of avoiding to ask any questions because they think that only the interviewer has the right to pose questions. On the other hand, you should prepare some questions that you would like to ask, as in such a way you would be showing how interested you are in the company and the post that needs to be filled.

5. Prepare some answers in advance

There are a number of common questions that are posed in the majority of job interviews. So it is a good idea to be prepared for them by thinking beforehand what you should answer. A common question is, ‘How do you imagine to be in a few years time?’ In answer you should show that you are ambitious but make sure the answer is realistic. Another common question is, ‘What are your strengths and your weaknesses?’. Try to be prepared to such a question as it is one of the best ways of showing who you really are. Make sure the weakness you mention does not affect your credibility or your possibility of being chosen for that job.

6. Knowing what the job entails

Another common question is, ‘Why did you apply for this job and what makes you think that it is right for you?’. Make sure to be prepared by answering how you are the best candidate for the post. Show that you know what the job entails and combine these requirements with what you can offer should you be the selected applicant.

7. Show your good manners

Make sure to demonstrate that you are well mannered. Shake hands with the interviewer and thank him/her for his/her time. Try to be cheerful and confident throughout the interview. This is your chance to prove how good you are and this could be the starting point of your career. So make the most out of it.

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