5 Great U.S. Destinations for Spring Break

sunriseWhen winter starts to make way for warmer, greener spring weather, most college students start to go stir-crazy dreaming of relaxing getaways to warm coastal destinations. It’s a common practice for students from around the world to gather their friends into groups and set out in search of a fun—and possibly wild and crazy—vacation in warmer regions, where spring is in full bloom and the sun keeps the beach sands warm.

Of course, there are practical things to consider: You’ll need the funds to cover such a trip, and it’s crucial to invest in a travel insurance policy valid in the U.S. to cover any unexpected accidents or illnesses. But with those bases covered, there should be no problem making arrangements for an awesome trip—your biggest problem will be choosing the right destination. Here are five of the best spring break spots you’ll find in the United States.

1. Miami Beach, Fla.

Spring break in Miami isn’t cheap, and for a good reason: many consider it one of the best destinations out there, especially when it comes to the nightlife. Plenty of Caribbean influence has helped form the clubs and bars found in Miami, and virtually round-the-clock entertainment makes it easy to go for a wild ride through the city. Plus, the beach itself is beautiful, facing out to pristine waters.

2. Honolulu, Hawaii

If you can swing the long flight to Hawaii, you’ll love what’s waiting upon your arrival. Spring break in Hawaii offers cultural immersion at its finest. Take time to explore the sands of famous Waikiki Beach, from which you’ll enjoy a number of great sights including surfers, volcanoes and maybe the occasional sea turtle. Hit a luau and enjoy the vibrant Hawaiian nightlife—you’ll come away with plenty of great memories.

3. Key West, Fla.

Key West is a chain of islands off the Florida coast that attracts a primarily older crowd at other times of the year, but when spring break season hits the Keys are rife with young people. The secluded island setting offers plenty of sun for a spring break locale that guarantees its visitors some genuine R&R.

4. South Padre Island, Texas

Located on the Gulf of Mexico, South Padre Island undergoes a transformation during March and April. Simply put, it aspires to be the craziest spring break destination north of Mexico. This location makes college tourists its primary focus, which means it’s cheap and offers plenty to do in a sunny, oceanside setting.

5. Ocean City, Md.

It might be a bit farther north, but this destination is great for spring break. Ocean City has scenic beaches, nice weather and affordable prices. Plus, it tends to be less crowded than other, more popular beaches, in part because it’s three hours from the nearest airport. If you’re looking for a good time away from the chaos of other destinations, Ocean City is worth checking out.

Wherever you go on your spring break, make sure you’re headed somewhere with plenty of attractions to suit your interests. Many college students are chasing after the same thing: a great party environment and a warm climate. The United States is dotted with worthwhile destinations that serve as great vacation spots for spring break travelers, so take stock of your options, do your research and choose the locale that works best for you.


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