4 Unique and Unforgettable Vacations You Haven’t Thought Of

4 Unique and Unforgettable Vacations You Haven't Thought OfThe world is yours and you have the option to travel wherever you want, why not take the road less traveled? These vacation ideas are both unique and unforgettable and will have you wanting to come back time after time.

Canada to Alaska on the Alcan Highway

The Alcan Highway is a legendary road that stretches from Dawson Creek in British Columbia to Delta Junction, just outside of Fairbanks, Alaska. With natural hot springs, ski resorts, snow capped mountains, raging rivers and a plethora of wild animals (and locals) along the way, this is considered one of the best road trips in North America. You won’t see many gas stations or restaurants along the way, so be sure to prepare your car and pack properly. Take special precaution when driving this road in winter.

Methven, New Zealand

Nestled on the South Island of New Zealand, the moderately sized town of Methven sits in between the stunning New Zealand Alps. Just a stone’s throw from Christchurch, transportation to Methven is simple! Skiiers and snowboarders flock to the town for the world class heli-skiing in winter as well as several in bounds ski resorts. During summer when the snow has melted, the waterfalls begin to show themselves and lush greenery can be seen all around. Hiking, biking, kayaking and horseback riding all become a possibility. Be sure to check out the many spots that The Lord of the Rings was filmed!

Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik (Icelandic for “Steamy Bay”) is a flourishing community in Iceland. City dwellers can explore the shops and restaurants of this hospitable town, while adventure enthusiasts can explore the many offerings Reykjavik has to offer. Being so close to the Artic Circle means that a show from the Aurora Borealis is guaranteed almost every night during winter. Don’t miss a trip to the Blue Lagoon where you can soak for hours upon end in a mineral-rich natural bath.

Europe By Rail

Take a magnificent train vacation throughout Europe and enable yourself to see several different cities and sites! There are various European escorted train vacations available and you can customize where you want to go and what you want to see. Start in the Swiss Alps and travel through snow capped peaks and grassy meadows, and end up in Eastern Europe and discover the history and ancient cities of Prauge, Budapest and Kiev.

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