4 steps to do in case of parking lot injury

Parking lot injuries can be caused due to many reasons and are very common. After meeting with an accident, there are certain important things that you will need to do if you want to file a case and go legal.

You can only go legal if it was someone’s fault or the accident caused due to not maintaining the parking lot. It includes uneven ground, slope, etc.

In such cases, you can file a case and get the money as a claim. Here is a brief process that you will need to carry to win the case.


The first important thing that you will need to do is documentation of the entire case. You will need to document exactly how the accident happened. If you have just fallen down, observe the ground and try to find out the reason. Once you have found the reason, you will need to document the whole incident. It will help you out in getting the claim fast and easily. You can submit it to a Los Angeles accident lawyer.


You can just look around for the witness, once you have found enough amount of witness that just witnessed the accident. You can just ask them for the testimonials or any other proof. You can ask all the information and make sure you keep it safe. You can further take photos of the accident zone. This will help the lawyer with the case and you will easily get the claim.

CCTV footage

You can simply talk with the owner and get the CCTV footage of the accident. Having a video proof will be a better option and will help you out in everything you need. Especially if the accident happened due to careless driver or pedestrian, you should surely get the footage. This will act as proof.


The last thing that you will need to do is keep track of all the expenses. You should keep a track on all the small expenses that you spend along with the big bills. Moreover, you can keep a file with all the bills and reports. Do not miss out small bills, people often forget it but it plays the most important part. When you combine all the small bills, you might get a lot of amount more in the claim. Therefore, keep a track of all your expenses including damages as well as medical bills and reports.

These are some of the important things that you should do when you met with an accident in the parking lot. Do not miss out any of these as each of these play a crucial role. Not the following one might decrease your chances of getting back the amount you deserve as claim and you might end up with the loss of some money. Instead, making sure to follow all steps will not only get you to claim but your lawyer will be able to get a solution for your problem as soon as possible.


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