3 stylish ways to improve your workplace

No building is perfect from the moment you enter. And when you’re purchasing a workplace, you can’t settle for it “out of the box”, so to speak.

Instead, your initial startup phase will be a process of design and redesign, until your premises is just-so. After all, without the right look you’ll never enjoy the clients you deserve.

As shallow as it seems, first impressions are vital to maximising profits. If your client walks into a workplace or meeting room with the panache of a rubbish tip, they’ll head straight for the door before you can even fetch them a complementary coffee.

With that in mind, we’ve divined a few ways to efficiently turn your office from falling-to-bits to fantastic. Take a look.

The perfect panels

Painting your walls is all very well and good, but there are also numerous other ways to give you an extra layer of interior design glamour.

Panelling, no matter what the style, makes it seem as though you’ve made extra effort. Paint them a warm colour and you’ll have an inbuilt layer of class.

To attach panelling effectively, you’ll need a high-quality panel adhesive to hold them firmly in place. Couple this with a few pleasant pictures and you’ll own a business with a unique personality of its own.

An entrancing entrance

The exterior of your building deserves just as much love as the interior. After all, there’s no real point in making the inside of your building look fab when your exterior is like a scene from The Wire.

Is the street you’re on classy or downtrodden? If the latter is the case, then give your exterior a rugged edge to match its surroundings.

But the outer section of your building also requires congruence with your interior design. Try to evoke exactly the same kind of personality to proceedings. Everything conveys a sense of your brand.

Moreover, make your car park more than a few dollops of gravel. Hire a professional grounds maintenance company that knows how to cultivate a stylish look – no matter what they’re working with.

Employee ownership

No matter where you work, it’s important to have some investment in your company. You want to feel like you care about it, and as though you’re completely valued.

So why not incorporate that sense of ownership into the design of your workplace?

Give your employees a say into the design of their office. You could even commission any particularly creative types to create a mural on your workplace walls. Your staff will feel as though they’ve really made an impact, no matter how small their contribution.

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