Top 5 Places To Go Boating In Southern Australia

South Australia has an amazing coastline with beautiful sandy beaches and crystal clear water. No matter if you are passionate about fishing or scuba diving, you will find plenty of places in South Australia where you can go boating, not to mention that most boating facilities are top-notch nowadays! When it comes to cruising, fishing and water sports  SA has a lot to offer – in this article you will find the top 5 most popular places to go boating!


1. Port Lincoln
Port Lincoln is amongst the most populous cities in South Australia – initially, it was a small town of fishermen, and now it hosts one of the largest fishing fleets in Australia. In Port Lincoln, you can find both long-term and short-term berths, as well as a variety of associated marine facilities. The port can be easily accessed and very welcoming – no wonder that it is considered the blue water anglers’ paradise! If you want to go fishing for samson fish, yellow-tail king fish or the well-known blue fin tuna, then Port Lincoln is undoubtedly one of the best locations where you can find these species!

2. Whyalla
Whyalla has a wide range of facilities that will certainly meet the needs of every boater. Located right on the city foreshore, Whyalla not only has a great view and an amazing scenery, but also a properly equipped multi-lane launching ramp with various facilities, including a fish cleaning station and a trailer park where you can rest overnight. Moreover, there are numerous places for cruising and fishing around Whyalla, and they attract thousands of tourists on a yearly basis.

If you travel to Whyalla then you should not miss Point Lowly, as it is very close to it and it is great to visit when the weather is good. If you are a fisherman, you will certainly enjoy Point Lowly given the excellent fishing locations nearby!

3. Marion Bay
Despite the fact that Marion Bay does not have the same boating facilities as Whyalla or Port Lincoln, it is still one of the most popular boating destinations in South Australia. If you are passionate about bluewater fishing and you want to relax away from the hustle and bustle of Adelaide, then you should know that Marion Bay is situated at a three-hour drive from the city, and there is a myriad of cruising options you can choose from as well!

If you are visiting Marion Bay, then you should certainly stop by the Wedge Island where you can fish for the giant King George. Besides fishing, you can also enjoy some scuba diving on Wedge Island (although you will have to look out for the great white shark!). Despite the fact that Marion Bay is a great choice for boaters, it must be mentioned that its boat ramp is slightly problematic with easterly quarter winds, this is why locals usually use tractors to launch and retrieve boats quickly and without the hassles.

4. Cape Jervis
Also very close to Adelaide (at about two-hour drive from the city), Cape Jarvis is an excellent choice for weekend fishing: the harbor is properly protected and the boat ramp is small yet highly efficient. However, if you come with a small yacht you should know that you cannot overnight here – on the other hand, you can benefit from protected anchorage several miles north of this port, in Wirrina Marina.

Inexperienced boaters are advised to steer clear from Backstairs Passage, as there are massive tidal fluctuations along with local wind patterns – unless you are an experienced boater and the weather is great, it is recommended to avoid this area. The Pages Island, on the other hand, is the ideal destination if you own a larger yacht or boat as here you can find many different fish species and even sea lion colonies!

5. Mannum
Last, but certainly not least, Mannum is another great fishing destination in South Australia, especially since it’s located only an hour’s drive away from Adelaide. Nearby there is River Murray, which is known for fishing, freshwater cruising, knee-boarding and water skiing  No matter if you want to catch some big fish or you just want to get that amazing adrenaline rush from one of the water sports mentioned above, River Murray pursuits are a great choice for the weekend!

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