Kuching-Livable City in Malaysia

Need a break or looking for a place to spend your holidays then you should decide the destination by keeping this thing in your mind that its important where are you going but it’s more important that place is livable or not?? What the deal if you would not feel refreshing and happy after coming back from holidays, so decide your place carefully. If you are seeking for a stress free livable city where you can spend your most amazing days of life then I would suggest you to plan your trip for Kuching in Malaysia.


Kuching is the capital of Sarawak which is Malaysia’s largest state and offers some magnificent attractions to see and things to do. You would stay for the few days here but those days will become your lifetime memory. Here I have some information regarding things to do in Kuching in Malaysia.

1. Sarawak River Cruise

Make your day somehow more adventurous and interesting in Kuching by taking a Cruise ride in afternoon. You can cruise down the Sarawak River while watching some panoramic views and enjoying natural beauties. For this ride you have to lose your pocket around 80 to 100 Malaysian Ringgit but believe me this ride is worth a price.

2. Sarawak Cultural Village

Kuching is very popular for culture and traditions and some people say is incredible. If you want to gather and experience the culture then you can head to Sarawak Cultural Village, it’s one of the amazing place in Kuching and offers everything to make your visit worthy. This place is tucked into the legendary Mount Santubong which is 35km away from Kuching. So, have a great time in Sarawak Cultural Village.

3. Main Bazaar

Main Bazaar is the popular spot of Kuching where you can do almost everything, buy anything and eat many things. If you ask some locals then they will led you the way, overall you can easily spend your entire day here while stroll to the various shops. Check out some good restaurants and cafes; also visit some local vendors and boutiques to buy some gifts for your close ones.

4. Damai Beach

Stunning beach, golden sand, Blue Colored Ocean and drinks are the perfect combination of the holidays, and you can also experience the same by heading at Damai Beach. If you are going to Kuching then don’t miss the chance to head to Damai Beach. Damai Beach is situated to outside of the city and attracts many tourists every year. You would love the water activities like snorkeling, surfing etc.

5. Hilton Kuching

Kuching has plenty of hotels and offers dream residing places to every visitor. I would suggest to stay in Hotel Hilton Kuching as it’s one of the top hotels in Kuching offers world class luxuries and quality service. The hotel design is spectacular and interiors are breathtaking. Rooms are designed for the best comfort of visitors and spacious. So, stay at Hilton Kuching.

Kuching is a good place to travel and experience. It offers plenty of things for visitors and it’s the reason tourists come here from across worldwide.

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