Forget the Toothbrush but Not The Travel Insurance

For many of us, the arrival of spring tends to signify the fact that we need to start thinking about plans for our summer holiday and getting it booked. This means that we painstakingly research available destinations and look around for the best possible deal on price. Once we have found it we fill in all of the details, click on the relevant button to book it and then start counting down the days, right? Well actually wrong because you have forgotten to book your travel insurance which means that your holiday could turn out to be a total disaster.

Holiday insurance is seen by many people as an unnecessary expense, especially at the moment when we are all trying to save as much money as possible. But travel insurance really is the vital ingredient for most holidays to ensure that you are all fully protected, especially if you are planning to travel to a foreign country. So what is actually covered when you take out a policy for you and your family?

To start with travel insurance (Rejse forsikring is the term in Danish) covers you against accident, injury and illness as you would expect. Now you may think that the chance of you being taken ill is very slim and if you are then you will be able to pay for the treatment you need should anything happen. Well if you happen to break a bone or need an operation then the cost for medical treatment can be horrendous. Sometimes you will need to be flown back to your own country and the cost of doing that can run into tens of thousands of Euros. Luckily travel insurance will cover those costs for you so you have nothing to worry about accept getting better. This is also a huge weight off of the mind of other family members that are on holiday with you. Travel insurance companies also provide other services, for example if you need a doctor you call the customer service team and they will find you one and organise an appointment. They will also provide a translator should it be necessary so that you understand exactly what is being said and what is going on.

But travel insurance is not just about paying for your medical bills. Should you get delayed at the airport, which happens all the time during the busy season, then your travel insurance will cover you for any expenses you incur and will pay for additional accommodation, should it become necessary.

Travel insurance will also cover any belongings that get lost or stolen during your holiday, which is peace of mind when the kids insist on bringing their GameBoys and iPods with them.

So those are just a few of the things that are covered by travel insurance and you can now start to see why it is considered to be so important. So the next time you are thinking of booking a holiday, make sure you remember your travel insurance at the same time. You can buy yourself a toothbrush when you arrive but by then it will be too late for your travel insurance.

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