Children’s Writing And Social Media

We live in the 21st century when not having at least one social media account can be considered as a bad tone. Adults sign up for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Stumbleupon and many other Internet pages due to different reason. Let us take LinkedIn profiles, for example. People create it for purposes of business. Many HR agents look for the best fitted candidates through LinkedIn. So, if you want to build professional connections, you know where to go. Other grown-ups would like to stay in touch with their classmates. Let’s admit, we are all curious to find out what happened to people we knew when we were little. Some create social media accounts because they try to find their second half on Internet. There are many reasons why adults do that.

It’s entirely different story with teenagers. It is a modern trend for them. They live in Internet space. They wake up and “tweet” about their breakfast. Then, they take a picture of how they got to the school. It is scary to imagine what they do during classes when the sign of a new “Like” pops up on the screen. Yes, social media is a complete distraction and totally different reality. It would be a healthy practice to take away their cell phones and other digital devices for at least one day. Children need to be reminded that life is truly beautiful and there are many sports activities out there.

Children are exposing their lives. It is not normal to make so many people jealous of what you have. If you are truly happy, what is the point of making everyone see it? So, basically you are doing it for others. Not for yourself….If you look around (Instagram, Facebook, etc) you will see many disturbed teenagers who aren’t happy with whom they really are.

Spelling And Grammar

But here is one more thing to be worried about. Have you ever paid attention to kids’ grammar when they upload their posts? It is terrible. They are intentionally destroying English language. All these abbreviations, like: brb (be right back), cy (see you), tk 2 u l8r (talk to you later), etc. Of course, it makes kids forget what it the right spelling for many words. Once you go online to check out what your child is posting, it will be clear for you why My Essay Service official website has been so popular lately. How can students write their own college paper when they have no idea how to express their thoughts is a right way?

Also there is this huge problem with the misuse of the homonyms there, their, and they’re. Everything is mixed up. Children, not all of them of course, have no clue how to use these homonyms. It is our duty to remind them this.

Ok, Internet is a great source for creating new words. When you were 15 years old, do you remember using words like: InstaFamous, to Google, and many other? Surely, you had no clue what was it about. Sadly, but children forget to use words that would make them look intelligent and classy. Instead, they use this questionable slang.

Celebrities and Writing

Ok, people. You’ve become famous because you are a talented singer, for example. It is amazing. But you need to keep in mind that you are being followed but millions of school students from around the world. You have no right for silly grammar and spelling errors. Double-check your posts. Because if you don’t, children will think that it is ok to make such errors. Being someone’s example puts a lot of pressure. But the influence is impeccable.


This will sound a little bit strange, however, parents are also responsible for posts. Spend a few minutes to look through your child’s writing on the Internet. Don’t embarrass him but in a very gentle way try to point to his errors. Try not to comment on the post itself too much, no matter how difficult it is.

As you can see, social media is everywhere. It has a daily impact on our lives. Let’s make sure it is a positive one.

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