Checkpoint Certification for Best Careers in the Field Of IT Security

Checkpoint Software is a foremost company that was established in the year 1993 in Israel. They are leading producers of numerous IT security software and hardware products like network security, endpoint security, data security, Virtualization security and mobile security. Their security products are marketed all over the world. There product firewall and VPN are well recommended software security products.

Checkpoint Certifications are offered to those IT qualified professionals, who want to achieve high skill efficiency in Checkpoint network and security solutions. The advantages of becoming Checkpoint Certified professionals in one’s career are as follows:

  • Achieve success in becoming a technical support engineer.
  • They can work as advanced technical resource guides.
  • Secure knowledge of data base system.
  • Will have skill training on Checkpoint products.
  • Practical experience to handle all security appliances.
  • Direct achievement of TAC Escalation level.
  • Monitor network security.
  • Able to provide safety to corporate network against intruders.

Checkpoint Exam is an additional training provided to the IT executives, who strive to validate their security expertise in Check Point Software Technologies. The various Checkpoint certifications are as follows:

  • CCSA Exam -Checkpoint Certified Security Administration
  • CCSE- Checkpoint Certified Security Engineer
  • CCSI – Checkpoint certified instructor
  • CCAE – Checkpoint Certified Addressing Engineer
  • CCQE – Checkpoint Certified Quality of Service Expert
  • CCMSE – Checkpoint Certified Managed Security Expert
  • CCMA – Checkpoint Master Architect Expert
  • CP VSXR67 –To have skill in operating Firewall, IPS, UPN, virtual systems, cluster XL and CP2012 appliances.

To fulfil the demands of upcoming advanced technology and to maintain the international standard, Checkpoint Software Technologies has to conduct practical process and security tests. It has made it compulsory for its agencies and companies to acclaim high level of security and knowledge of networking. The resources to attempt the tests are available on many websites with latest question and answers dumps.

The above certification programs are provided by Checkpoint Software through Pearson VUE, which holds 3500 highly capable testing centres. The candidate can register for the exams through the website. The topics included in the syllabus depend upon various expertise and proficiencies included in the particular certification. The main subjects to be studied are:

  • Ability to operate Checkpoint Security solutions.
  • Creating and fixing security products.
  • Network Address Translation (NAT)
  • OPSEC application
  • Fire wall monitoring.
  • Java blocking and anti-virus checking.
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Uses of Encryption Technologies
  • Study of VPN-11

CCSA – NGA is the first step towards achieving the certifications necessary for a profitable career in technology industries. Candidates can choose the courses, which will help to suit their career aspirations. The validity of certifications is about two years. The executives have to refresh their certification again and again. Whenever new products of Checkpoint are launched, they have to gain knowledge abut the working system of the products.

Checkpoint Certifications are a continuous learning process, as they offer skilled training and hands on experience in managing the device for total security of networks. The executives having the certifications have full security of job and skill to manage any Checkpoint products.

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